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Being Sirius Black does not make one royalty...
...it makes one siriusly freakin' awesome.
They came from the darkness. "They came from nowhere.… 
16th-Dec-2008 03:20 pm
Sirius Black - Happy Smile

They came from the darkness.
"They came from nowhere. We couldn't have been prepared..."
What should a king do?
The date is August 16, 2020. All over wizarding Britain, students are preparing for their start of term on September 1st (which will translate as January 1st for us Muggles). In the middle of those preparations, the European Qudditch Cup is being held on the 19th, stirring up the general excitement of Quidditch fans and eye rolling from those not so enamored with the sport.

Everything seems to be going well... it's just another year of peace after the reconstruction period.

The Cup is the mark of more than the closing of August and the nearing of the school term, however. In the circles of the pureblooded and displeased, whispers have been circulating -- whispers of the time finally drawing near to stand up once again for their proud heritage. The blood traitors have been in charge long enough.

It is with this initial meeting of staunch pureblood elitists that the game begins. With the start of Albus Potter's 4th year at Hogwarts, things are beginning to go downhill all over again. When the Ministry discovers the threat, how will they choose to react? Will they stand, or will they fall? Only time will tell as the lines are again drawn in the metaphorical sand at Hogwarts as the students act on the pressures they feel from home.

Where do you stand?
And more importantly... will you fight?

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Currently a good deal of canon children including Albus, Lily, Hugo, Dominique, Louis, the Scamanders, and many more are wanted. OCs are welcome. We're also interested in applications for teachers (they won't be lonely -- we already have an amazing Neville and several OCs on staff) and adults on both the Ministry and pureblood side of things.
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